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Empowering and nurturing busy individuals to make conscious decisions when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

Core to the nukleo proposition is our belief in developing and supporting proactive and preventative health and wellbeing initiatives. Carefully nourishing our body and mind makes us feel physically and mentally well. It also helps us build the strength and resilience we need in order to face the challenges we encounter throughout our lives. Our mission is to provide you with the frameworks, resources and tools you need to be your healthy and happy self.


Do you wish to foster a culture of health, improve employee engagement or reduce the burnout-risk for your employees? Understanding your organisation’s challenges and exposure to unhealthy behaviours is critical in creating a workplace that promotes a culture of wellbeing. Creating and implementing a sound workplace wellbeing strategy enables you to address the essential components of a healthy work-life balance and will benefit your staff as well as yourself as an employer.

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Are you tired of being tired? The effects of long working hours, poor nutrition and a sedentary way of living are contributing factors to feeling drained and threaten to create poor health outcomes. A personalised lifestyle program will make you feel invigorated while helping you to prevent chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Taking matters into your own hand is the first step towards reclaiming your healthy life.

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''Line has an inspiring way of conveying her knowledge about healthy nutrition. Her tips are easy to integrate into every day life and I felt the benefits of changing my diet very quickly. I now feel better, I have more energy, I am less tired and I have fewer sugar cravings. I highly recommend her as a health and nutrition coach.''


''Following her guidance on how to eat healthily has not only helped me overcome my digestive problems, it has also helped me to get rid of bad eating habits. I now know what foods do me good and can make the right choices for myself, without suffering pastry or biscuit cravings like I used to. Line’s personal attention as a health and nutrition coach is unparalleled. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.''



''Line helped me analyse my daily eating habits and what impact they have on my wellbeing. She has shown me ways on how I can take small steps to improve my diet. Her personalised suggestions are comprehensible and easy to implement - she has even provided me with the necessary recipes. Her valuable guidance and support have significantly helped me in developing a healthier lifestyle.''


''What I like about working with Line is that, when it comes to discussing my diet, she doesn’t talk like a guru who just knows what’s best for you. Instead, she clearly takes into account my health problems and offers me possible solutions without ever imposing anything on me. I appreciate her approach, letting me know what steps I can take to improve my health and then letting me decide what fits me best. As a matter of fact, I follow practically all her suggestions because they aren’t imposed on me and the results are absolutely satisfactory. Her meal proposals are easy to integrate into my daily diet and very tasty - I even started using her recipes when I have friends over for dinner. I’m happy to have such a good health and nutrition coach. Thank you, Line.''



About me

I'll help you fuel your body and mind so that you can perform at your peak every day.

Hello and welcome! I’m Line, the founding director of nukleo. I’m an integrative health and nutrition consultant, foodie, health advocate, entrepreneur, optimist, and a lover of life. Born in Luxembourg, I’ve lived, studied and worked in inspiring places like Barcelona, London and Melbourne. I’m passionate about finding ways that help us lead enjoyable, tasty and healthy lives and sharing these with my family, friends and client community.

I’m the product of what I call the university of life - not only in geographical terms. My academic background lies in marketing, corporate communications and business administration. I’ve spent several years working as an international marketing and business development executive before taking the plunge and setting up my own business. My path has not been linear, and, thankfully, I’ve made it a priority to follow my heart.

Healthy eating has been a topic in my family ever since I can remember. My mother, a working mum and a gifted cook, made it a priority to bring family and friends together around our dinner table. Feeding us a balanced diet was her way of showing how much she cared about what we would put into our body. For all you busy individuals out there I can reassure you that there are great ways to include healthy meals and snacks into your daily diet that won’t make you spend your evening in the kitchen.

Taking care of ourselves should be on top of everyone’s mind. However, too few of us decide to pursue a lifestyle that helps us reap the benefits that come from leading an active, healthy life. If you’re reading this, chances are you you’re eager to take the necessary steps that will help you feel well - now and in the long run. Personally, I’m thrilled to have embarked on this journey and, if you let me, I would love to take you along and share with you the steps you can take to live your life to the fullest.